IGN Employees “Refuse to Work” Until Recent Sexual Harassment Allegations are Addressed [Updated with Statement]

Original Story: Several IGN employees have recently come out on Twitter that they are “refusing to work” until a statement or apology is issued by their employer regarding recent sexual harassment allegations by a former IGN employee.

News of this temporary strike broke on Twitter through IGN’s own Alanah Pearce, who tweeted out today:

“There won’t be a Daily Fix today because a large group of IGN employees have refused to work until the company issues a statement/apology regarding what happened to Kallie Plagge.”

As stated by Pearce herself, this major refusal by multiple employees has resulted in the halting of Daily Fix, a show that is posted every weekday, and has also affected IGN’s stream of articles for the day. Nearly all published articles on the website today have been produced by hired freelancers, instead of the usual full-time staff employed by the company.

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All of this stems from recent sexual harassment allegations that came out over the course of the weekend. Former IGN employee Kallie Plagge tweeted out multiple screenshots, detailing alleged sexual harassment she encountered in 2016 while working there from another former IGN employee, Vince Ingenito.

Her account of the harassment states that it involved herself and “one other female employee for months.” She reports that the HR department and her boss brushed her off, even going so far as to tell her to not be so “uptight” around the accused. Ingenito tweeted a lengthy response to the allegations soon afterwards.

Several employees from IGN have retweeted and responded to Alanah Pearce’s tweet today, declaring support for their former coworker and refusing to work until a statement is made regarding Plagge’s allegations. In a follow-up tweet, Pearce notes that upper management “completely understood” the strike and, therefore, no employees will be penalized or fired for participating.

Update: The IGN content team has released a statement on the allegations addressed to the entire “gaming and entertainment community.”

In the published article, the team says that they have “failed two of its female employees.” The team that penned the letter have already sat down with management and HR regarding the allegations.

The previous HR representative who presided over the allegations originally is “no longer with the company.” According to the letter, the content team will “continue to challenge” their management and human resources to “fix what is broken.” You can read the letter in its entirety here.

Image Credit: IGN / YouTube