Star Wars Battlefront 2 Has a Cooldown Timer for Earning Credits in Arcade More

Star Wars Battlefront 2 forces players to wait nearly a full day before they can unlock any more credits in Arcade mode, it has been revealed.

This news comes after EA / DICE made changes to Battlefront 2 in order to reduce the time it takes to unlock heroes in the game, with players now learning that the game’s Arcade mode limits the amount of credits you can earn.

Not only that, but in our playthrough we discovered that if you hit this countdown wall after completing a mission, you don’t earn any credits whatsoever. This means that if you were playing the mode just to unlock credits, those credits disappear into nothingness if you’ve earned over your daily limit. The game doesn’t warn you that this is the case, with you instead having to go back and replay the level after the cooldown period is over if you want to pick those credits back up.

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The length of the cooldown timer appears to be sporadic, with Twitch streamer Boogie2988 recording himself being handed a 3 hour cooldown period, while GameRevolution’s Jason Faulkner told me that he faced a 17 hour cooldown. It’s unclear what the criteria is for these cooldown timers, nor why some are being told to wait for a few hours while others are forced to wait for nearly an entire day.

Effectively persuading your players to stop playing a mode they enjoy for an extended period of time, just to ensure that they won’t unlock too many credits and thus make the game’s microtransactions look less appealing as a result, is an incredibly frustrating stance for EA / DICE to take. With Battlefront 2’s supply crates purchasable with both in-game credits or real-world cash, it’s clear that EA doesn’t want those playing Arcade mode earning too much out of fear that they won’t fork out more cash. These are practises you’d expect from a free-to-play mobile game, not a triple-A, $60 release.

EA and DICE have stated that they are looking to tweak the game post-launch in accordance with player feedback, and these cooldown timers certainly need addressing above everything else. While the controversy Battlefront 2 has been embroiled in over the past week suggests that the damage has already been done, hopefully for those still interested in the game, improvements are made across the board in this department.