Titanfall 2 Budget Getting Out of Control

Not long ago, outspoken attention expert Cliffy Cliff revealed that a single-player campaign was about 75% of the budget for first-person shooter video games. So if the first game’s budget is only one-fourth of a full game’s budget… heeeyyyy, wait. By that estimation, Titanfall 2‘s budget is set to be roughly four times that of the first Titanfall, as a recent Forbes interview has confirmed the game will have a full-length single player campaign.

We hope and pray to Super Buddha that these devs know what they’re getting into. Adding PS4 as an available platform will help sales (as the first was on XB1, 360, and PC), but can it account for quadrupling the budget? Can it overcome the new pile of overhead Titanfall 2 will take on?

Stay tuned. I know I will.