Oh Jesus, Super Seducer 2 Said to Come out This September

You read it right, Super Seducer 2 is on the way and we couldn’t be more horrified at its existence. Just like in Richard La Ruiner’s previous game, Super Seducer, you are tasked with meeting women and seducing them to end up in bed with you by the end of the sequence. It’s a real cringe-fest, and as you could predict, reviewed terribly. So, why is La Ruiner thinking he’ll do better with the sequel? We honestly couldn’t tell you.

In fact, if you cast your minds back to the 10th of March, you’ll remember when Sony revealed that the world’s ‘most realistic seduction simulator’ would not be releasing on the PS4 and so would only be releasing on PC, via Steam. Considering that the game was met with vitriol the moment it was pitched on Kickstarter, we weren’t all that surprised. No matter how much La Ruiner tried to push his simulator, individuals pushed back that the simulator was full of glorified sexist writing drivel disguised as a game.

However, it wasn’t just outspoken individuals who called for the game to be boycotted and the campaign to be shut down. Kickstarter themselves eventually suspended the campaign, even though it had already raised $25,300 towards it, deeming the content of the game ‘inappropriate.’ Again you may wonder, what makes Super Seducer 2 so different that it’ll succeed where the previous game didn’t? Did it simply get less sexist?

It seems highly unlikely, no matter how much the Steam summary describes the upcoming sequel as being “bigger, better, and more seductive”. In fact, the one thing that does surprise us more than the game’s existence is how it is said to have ’10 times the budget’ than the previous game when it sold so terribly.

What do you think of La Ruiner’s upcoming game? Will it do as terrible as the prequel, or will it fade away into obscurity as well?