Super Seducer 2 Let’s Play Earns a $25,000 Donation to Charity

A Super Seducer 2 let’s play managed to earn a charity a $25,000 donation after the game’s creator and star, Richard La Ruina, offered a donation on the condition that YouTuber Videogamedunkey covered the title. The game sees Ruina playing out scenarios where he meets women, with the player making decisions for him. The sequel manages to somehow produce even more cringe-worthy situations and few bizarre choices on Ruina’s part.

Following his promise, La Ruina confirmed that the donation will go out on December 28. The charity that is set to receive the donation is the International Rescue Committee, which provides education, agricultural, and economic solutions to some of the most impoverished places in the world.

Having upped the budget for the follow up to the terrible dating sim, Super Seducer 2 has La Ruina driving to a restaurant in a tank, pretending his finger is a penis in an attempt to flirt with a woman, and then offering advice to players while sitting on a throne while casually holding a lit flare. Oh, he also manages to murder two YouTubers by blowing them up with missiles.

The game embraces the memes created by the (unironic) original game, pushing things much further with over-the-top scenarios. La Ruina does now seem to be self-aware and is using that to his advantage. With that said, it’s great to see the creator making a charitable donation, while also getting exposure for the game through large YouTubers like Videogamedunkey.

Videogamedunkey’s video has been pretty well received as you might expect, having already amassed just under 1.5 million views since being published on December 23. Viewers have praised both La Ruina and Dunkey for the donation, the let’s play, and the insane antics that take place in the game. You can watch the let’s play here and it really is quite a treat.