Star Wars Battlefront 2 Sales Down 60% Compared to Battlefront 1

Sales of Star Wars Battlefront 2 are down over 60% in the UK compared to DICE’s first Star Wars Battlefront, showing signs that the controversy surrounding the game has had a tangible impact.

Along with having a less successful launch than its predecessor, Battlefront 2 also failed to top the chart this month, coming in second place behind Call of Duty: WW2 (though it came first in terms of revenue). The game also sold less than DICE’s other hot property, Battlefield 1, with it shifting 50% fewer units compared to the 2016 FPS. UK retailers had expected the Star Wars sequel would sell more than DICE’s previous shooter.

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The sales chart only accounts for the sales of boxed games, so the overall number of Battlefront 2 sales will be higher than is reflected by the sales chart, though not enough to prevent it from being disappointing numbers for publisher EA.

Elsewhere in the sales charts, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon charted in fourth and fifth place respectively, while FIFA 18 dropped down from second to third. The Sims 4, LA Noire Remastered and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 also debuted.

Though much controversy surrounded Battlefront 2 prior to its launch, it was unclear whether or not this would affect the game’s sales. It remains to be seen whether or not its numbers have suffered in other regions, but this certainly isn’t good news for the sequel.