Angry Gamer Launches $240,000 Campaign to Take EA to Court for its Microtransactions

An angry gamer has launched a $240,000 Indiegogo campaign to take EA and other publishers to court over their microtransactions, with a special $10 million stretch goal seeing him promising to “kick open” Disney’s door and demand a single-player Star Wars game.

The optimistic campaign has been set up in the wake of the Star Wars Battlefront 2 controversy, which saw EA make national news over the uproar regarding the game’s microtransactions. EA eventually temporarily suspended its microtransactions, which were accused of being pay-to-win as a result of the gameplay advantages they offered to players who invested in them, but many have called for stricter regulations to be placed upon loot boxes as a result.

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Now Mieszko, a gamer from Poland, has taken it upon himself to launch an elaborate and expensive campaign, with the goal being to “collect funds and take publishers like EA to court and force regulation to go our way!!” According to Mieszko, the $240,000 would afford him the opportunity to spend “around 90 to 110k” on lawyers, with him adding: “I don’t want to hire Saul Goodman level lawyer but the ones like from Suits – so in court I could have big firm behind me.”

While this is ambitious in and of itself, Mieszko has even bigger plans if he makes it to $10 million: “If we can get to this level I can very confidently walk into Disney corporate headquarters KICK open door and demand creation of  what we all want SINGLEPLAYER STORY DRIVEN STAR WARS GAME – with no microtransaction or payed loot boxes ofc (still remember fun with jedi outcast or jedi academy and we can’t forget about Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic).”

He concluded: “It would be fun if it was possible to invest this money into creation of a new “AAA” Star Wars game but because we financed it from the start the price would be less than 60$.”

The campaign went live today, and it has unsurprisingly received zero backers thus far. While there are 16 days of the campaign still left, it seems unlikely that Mieszko will be able to generate a quarter of a million dollars in this space of time, so it looks like Disney’s door will remain safe… for now.

Image Credit: Indiegogo