Splatoon 2 Update Brings More Maps, Gear, and Game Modes

Splatoon 2 will get two free updates over the next month that will add a considerable amount of new content. You can look forward to new skins, game modes, and maps, just in time for the holiday break. If you’ve been playing some of the other great games that have come out for the Switch recently, now would be a perfect time to get back into Splatoon 2.

What’s Coming in the First Splatoon 2 Update on November 24?

On November 24, a giant swath of new stuff is headed to Splatoon 2. You’ll be able to play on the new MakoMart stage, which will enter the map rotation on Saturday. Salmon Run is also getting a new map, Salmonid Smokeyard, which you can start playing on this Friday.

If you love collecting all that fashionable clothing in the game to deck out your squidkid, you’ll love the 140 new pieces of gear that will be added to the game this week. You can bet on new shoes, hats, outfits, and accessories that will help you power up your character even more. You’ll also be able to swap gear between matches in-lobby, so you don’t have to exit matchmaking anymore to switch guns and clothing. For even more customization you can give your avatar one of the new hairstyles coming with the update.

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If you’ve been leveling since the game came out, you’ve probably hit the cap already. No worries, you’ll have even higher to aim for now when this update raises the max level to 99.

Splatoon 2’s music is excellent, and you’ll get even more tunes to bop your head to soon. The November patch will bring new music from the punk-band Bottom Feeders and the avant-garde Ink Theory.

Also, you’ll be able to scan compatible Splatoon amibo to get the chance to take unique in-game pictures.

What’s Coming in the December Splatoon 2 Update?

While the November update is the big one, December will bring a second free patch to Splatoon 2. It’ll bring the Clam Blitz game mode which has Inklings collecting clams throughout a stage. When you pick one up, it will start following you. To score points, you’ll need to throw your clam into a basket by your opponent’s base.

The catch is that each basket is protected by a barrier you’ll need to take out before you can score. After getting ten clams, you’ll get a Power Clam which you can use to bring down the barrier. Also, if you splat your opponent’s clams, you can steal them for your own. The first team to 100 points wins the Clam Blitz.

Splatoon 2 Content Coming Soon

There is additional content coming to Splatoon 2 that hasn’t been dated yet. You’ll soon be about to play on the new Shellendorf Institute map. There are also two returning stages: Walleye Warehouse and Arowana Mall.