Payday 2 h3h3Productions Character Pack Released Featuring Ethan and Hila Klein

The Payday 2 h3h3 character pack has been released, with YouTube stars Hila and Ethan Klein appearing as playable characters in the FPS.

The character pack, available today, features YouTube couple Ethan and Hila Klein as themselves, with them helping out the Payday gang with their bank-rolling heists. The description for the new character pack reads:

“Ethan and Hila Klein never really thought they could benefit the PAYDAY gang. Bain however thought otherwise. As Ethan and Hila’s fame reached the sky, Bain saw an opportunity for some more “showmanship” and maybe improving public relations within the Criminal Underworld of That Hila is rumoured to sit on fierce Israeli combat skills as she was part of the army was not a bad bonus.

The team from h3h3 Productions shook Dallas’ hand, grabbed their masks and are about to head out to their first, real heist.”

According to Ethan Klein, the price of the base game will be reduced by 50% within the next couple of hours, so fans of h3h3 who have yet to play Payday 2 can pick it up with a massive discount.

h3h3 are a hugely popular YouTube channel, boasting over 5 million subscribers. While they aren’t particularly involved with YouTube’s sprawling gaming community, the pair did make waves after winning a court battle surrounding fair use, a lawsuit which helped to define the regulations surrounding copyright on the site.

The Payday 2 h3h3 character pack can be purchased on Steam right now.

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