Call of Duty Battle Royale is Activision’s Take on PUBG

A Call of Duty Battle Royale mode is being released in China, with the region’s Call of Duty Online game being bolstered with a game type that is reportedly similar to PUBG.

Tencent will be bringing a brand new ‘survival mode’ to Call of Duty Online in December, with the 18 player PvP mode pitting competitors against one another in an arena with a game show theme. Like PUBG, the Call of Duty Battle Royale mode will see players having to forage for their own weapons and resources, all while trying to avoid their rivals.

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News of the mode was tweeted out by analyst Daniel Ahmad:

Footage from the mode’s beta has also been released:

With Battle Royale being the next big thing in multiplayer gaming, it’s no surprise to see Call of Duty jumping on the bandwagon. While Call of Duty Online unfortunately isn’t available in the West, if the mode sees success it’ll hopefully be brought to these shores in the future.


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