Star Wars Battlefront 2’s Heroes vs Villains Mode is Being Ruined by Credit Farmers

Star Wars Battlefront 2‘s Heroes vs Villains mode is being ruined by credit farmers, with players using rubber bands in order to bypass actually playing the game while raking in the cash.

Battlefront 2‘s economy is still in a state of disrepair after EA removed the microtransactions from the game, so rather than spend the hours playing the game that are required to unlock its hero characters and loot boxes, many are instead equipping their controllers with rubber bands and letting the game “play” itself.

This tactic works in the Heroes vs Villains game mode, which auto-select a character for the player if they take too long to decide, therefore ensuring that they won’t be booted for inactivity on the hero select screen. All players need to do is fit a rubber band around their controller’s analog sticks to ensure that it keeps moving, and they can then successfully stop playing the game without being automatically kicked from the Star Wars Battlefront 2 server.

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This has led to Battlefront 2‘s Heroes vs Villains mode being overrun by AfK (absent from keyboard) players, ruining the mode for those who aren’t using it to farm credits and adding yet another sad bullet point to the list of controversies the game has spawned.

A top post on the Star War Battlefront subreddit reads: “The fact that HvV is laden with AFK farmers which completely ruins the game mode makes the fact that EA limited arcade mode credits to “prevent people from abusing the system” even funnier.

“Here at EA, we’d prefer you buy the loot crates. But, if you insist on afk farming, we’d also prefer that you ruin everyone else’s game too whilst you’re at it.”

The mode is now littered with players running around in circles, as while Battlefront 2 rewards players for performing well, it also gives them credits for simply playing the mode, meaning that time-strapped players who want to start unlocking items and characters in-game are finding it more advantageous to simply leave their console running while they go do something else.

It’s a sad state of affairs, but with it being so difficult to unlock heroes and supply crates in Star Wars Battlefront 2 thanks to it infuriatingly low progression and rewards systems, it’s no wonder that many are thinking outside of the box and utilizing unfortunate tactics in order to climb up the ranks.