Animal Crossing Cult Proves We Can’t Have Nice Things

An Animal Crossing cult is sweeping through Pocket Camp, with the mobile game being inundated with bizarre rituals that prove we shouldn’t be allowed to have nice things.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is a pretty harmless game when take at face value, with it adapting the Nintendo series’ furniture hoarding gameplay for a mobile audience, alongside allowing players to make friends with a bunch of cute little critters. However, it’s been made apparent that some players are embarking upon their own Animal Crossing meta game in Pocket Camp, one that sees them running cults and ruthless prison camps.

This craze came about when players realized that Animal Crossing Pocket Camp‘s various pieces of furniture lead to odd interactions with its animal guests, with them forced to interact with certain items, meaning they’re far too easy to hold captive in The Sims-esque fashion.

Currently there are swathes of “lamp cults,” named as a result of them revolving around animals being compelled to turn lamps on/off in a haunting rhythm:

With you able to visit strangers’ campsites in the game, imagine stumbling upon one in which a player was forcing their guests to do this? It seems Doki Doki Literature Club may have a contender for most surprising horror game of the year. 

On top of these creepy lamp cults, players have also taken to locking animals in makeshift prisons, taking advantage of their natural inclination to sit on chairs by trapping them on their seats. Apollo here tried to make a last-ditch escape attempt, as the guests now appear to be growing sentient of the torturous hell Animal Crossing Pocket Camp’s players are trying to subject them to:

Prisons have now become inexplicably popular in the game, with players completely bypassing the kid-friendly aesthetics of Animal Crossing and instead transforming Pocket Camp into a dystopian nightmare.

Even Deadly Premonition developer Swery has been getting in on the act:

It seems that Animal Crossing Pocket Camp players are just starting to get to grips with just how much pain they can inflict upon their adorable guests, so expect the mobile game to get much more harrowing in the near future.

Image Credit: Twitter / @SaintLucios