Sniper Elite 4 Publisher Rebellion Announces Battlezone II Remaster for 2018

Rebellion, developer of this year’s Sniper Elite 4, has announced a remaster of Battlezone II called Battlezone Combat Commander for PC. It is a remaster of the sequel to Battlezone 98 Redux, which originally released on PC in 1998 and received its own remaster last year for PC and PlayStation VR.

As of right now, its sequel Battlezone Combat Commander is only planned for release on PC through Steam and GOG (Good Old Games) in 2018 with no word on whether or not it will also come to PlayStation VR like the first. For those that didn’t check out the original 1999 PC version, Battlezone Combat Commander is a unique hybrid that blends together the first-person shooter and real-time strategy genres.

Battlezone Combat Commander is being developed by Big Boat Interactive, the same Los Angeles-based studio that worked on the first Battlezone remaster. Like the 2016 game, this remaster will feature revamped visuals, support for mods from the original 1999 game, cross-play multiplayer between Steam and GOG for up to 14 players, achievements, Steam Cloud saves, and more.

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The singleplayer campaign for Battlezone Combat Commander has you fight in a galaxy-wide war against a mysterious alien race that threatens to destroy humanity. In battles, you take to the front lines and fight the alien creatures in first-person, including piloting various vehicles like hover-tanks, mech walkers, mortar-bikes, and more.

Battlezone Combat Commander Remaster

For those that like the more tactical side of gameplay, you can also play Battlezone Combat Commander like an RTS-style game, in addition to the FPS elements. As a commander of the battlefield, you are able to build bases, deploy armies, and even call in airstrikes on the enemy forces.

If you are interested in checking out Battlezone Combat Commander ahead of its expected 2018 launch, you can sign up for a chance to be a part of the closed beta right now on the official Rebellion site.