Star Wars Battlefront 2 Leak Shows Character Customization is Coming Soon

One of the features that Star Wars Battlefront 2 strangely lacks in comparison to its predecessor is the ability to customize your character. If you were disappointed by this, you can be happy to know that a recent PC leak has shown that character customization is coming soon to Battlefront 2.

This PC leak was discovered recently by Reddit user uninspired_zebra, who has accurately datamined unreleased information for Star Wars Battlefront 2 before. In a datamine of the recent update for the game, the user found a hidden “change appearance” menu option that isn’t currently available at all in the game.

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In a video posted by that same user on YouTube, they are seen going through the main menu to the Assault class soldier and selecting the new appearance option. Under it, you are able to select any of the six factions and customize how your soldier will look when playing that specific class. The video shows them changing the appearance of a Galactic Republic clone with various armor styles through equipping different skins.

Changing the look of your armor isn’t the only option, though, as you will also be able to change your character’s race and gender for some factions if you so choose. However, the customization seems limited with the player only being able to select between several predetermined skins, as seen above. Some of the various alien races you will be able to choose from include Twilek, Rodian, and Quarren.

There is no word on when these customization options will be made available, however, there will be major content drops next month for Star Wars Battlefront 2. At this time, EA has still yet to reinstate microtransactions into Battlefront 2. There’s no telling if the implement of character customization will affect microtransactions and loot boxes, as cosmetic options are generally used for that in other online games like Overwatch.