No, the Star Wars Battlefront 2 Win Crate Doesn’t Exist

Right now a lot of people are scouring Google to learn more about the “Star Wars Battlefront 2 win crate, according to the search engine’s trending page. However, even though the game’s loot boxes are controversial, the Battlefront 2 win crate fortunately doesn’t actually exist.

According to the doctored image that caused the win crate to garner so much attention, it allows players to “instantenously [sic] win an online match.” As should be evidenced by the spelling mistake, the crate isn’t actually a real addition to Battlefront 2, though the extent of the game’s pernicious microtransactions convinced enough people otherwise that it became a trending topic. That says more about the game than those who overlooked the typo, in my estimation.

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So where did the myth of the Battlefront 2 win crate come from? It all seems to stem from a video made by the popular YouTube critic Dunkey, who included the image as part of his Star Wars Battlefront 2 “dunkview” review. The image can be found in the below video at around the 1:40 mark:

Dunkey’s reviews have proven extremely popular over the past year or so, with this particular video reaching the top of the Reddit front page. This would account for so many people believing it was real, even if that’s fortunately not the case.