Capcom Switch Ports Are Coming After Nintendo Console Performs Better Than Expected

Capcom is now reportedly looking to bring ports of its various popular franchises to the Nintendo Switch, after the publisher saw that the console had performed “better than expected.”

The news comes from a new interview with the Japanese publication The Nikkei, with Kantan Games CEO Serkan Toto tweeting out comments made by Capcom chairman Kenzo Tsujimoto:

Capcom has been forced to change its stance on the Nintendo Switch post-launch, with the company initially skeptical regarding its chances of success, but then seeing huge sales of Monster Hunter XX and Ultra Street Fighter II The Final Challengers on the console. As a result, they are now reevaluating their stance on providing third-party support for Nintendo, which will seemingly lead to old games being ported to the platform.

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Tsujimoto didn’t specify which games would make their way to the Nintendo Switch, though fans already have their list of ports they’d like to see, with the Resident Evil series being at the very top. It’s unclear whether or not Capcom will stretch to the survival horror franchise, which would require some downgrades a la Doom if it were to function adequately on the console, but it seems that Capcom is gearing up to put their weight behind the Switch in the near future.