Nintendo Switch Sales Top 10 Million Making its Launch Year as Popular as the PS4’s

Nintendo Switch sales have topped 10 million, putting it on track with the PS4‘s launch year and even threatening to overtake Sony’s console as we approach the Christmas period.

Sony announced that the PS4 had sold over 10 million units in August 2014, nine months removed from its November 2013 launch. Nintendo has now revealed that the Switch has also moved past the 10 million mark after nine months on sale, with it recently passing the milestone after launching back in early March.


While the PS4 had still shifted more units during the same time period, it also launched just before the Holiday season, with the Switch now coming up to its first Christmas while on the market. This will inevitably lead to more sales, which could see the Nintendo Switch surpassing the PS4 in its first financial year.

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This new milestone also highlights the extent of Nintendo’s impressive comeback this year, with the Wii U’s lifetime sales coming in at just 13.5 million units for the five years it was in production. The Switch is now on target to surpass these sales within its first year on the market, depending upon how well it sells around the Christmas period.

Although the Switch is seeing incredible amounts of success, Nintendo still has a long way to go if they want to beat the sales of their previous best-selling console. The Wii shifted 100 million units throughout its lifetime, and while the Switch is certainly performing well, it isn’t quite on that level just yet.