Don’t Expect the Dead or Alive Series to Return Anytime Soon, According to Team Ninja

If you were hoping to see a Dead or Alive 6 in the near future, we’re sorry to tell you that probably won’t be happening anytime soon. Developer Team Ninja has revealed that the series is more dead than it is alive at this point, as the team is ready to move on to something new and exciting instead.

Team Ninja recently held a livestream, explaining the future of Dead or Alive. In it, the several key members of the developer announce that the team is putting a permanent hold on the franchise’s future in order to move on to a new project. At one point in the video, Team Ninja says:

“Dead or Alive 5 has finally come to an end, but the Dead or Alive team is very active. It is time to stop what we are doing for now and look into the future.”

This is unfortunate considering fans of the series were hoping that the upcoming Dead or Alive announcement video that was previously teased via its official Twitter. It has been five years since the last core entry in the series first released, before being updated several times over the last few years.

This tease made fans hopeful that Dead or Alive 6 would be announced, but instead, we now know there is no future plans to continue the franchise. The last game released in the series is the spin-off title Dead or Alive Xtreme 3. As Team Ninja has now closed the book on the series, the video also announces that there will be no more content support in the future for Dead or Alive 5.

It will be a while before we know what Team Ninja’s new project is, because the developer explains that it will be going quiet for the time being as it works on a new game unrelated to Dead or Alive.