Capcom Reveals Monster Hunter World Main Story Length and Other Details

Monster Hunter World Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto has recently revealed some key details, including how long the game’s singleplayer campaign will be when it releases next month. The length of time given is for completing the main story only and not including the extra missions and content available afterwards.

How Long is Monster Hunter World?

In an interview recently with German gaming site Mein-MMO (translated via Siliconera), Tsujimoto gave an estimate that the average player will take around 40-50 hours to complete the main story mode in Monster Hunter World. Of course, this does come with some caveats, as this is specifically for the main story quests and ignoring the endgame content available after the credits roll.

In fact, Capcom revealed some more details about what to expect from the longevity of Monster Hunter World moving past its launch. The development team will be releasing new event quests on a weekly basis to keep players coming back consistently for more content, which is more inline with the persistent online aspect of other games like Destiny 2.

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There is no outline given for Monster Hunter World, so there is no telling how long Capcom plans on continuously supporting the game with this type of weekly new quests that players will be able to complete alongside their teammates. The team behind World also spoke on what they’ve learned from previous Monster Hunter entries.

Monster Hunter World

The open world of Monster Hunter World will have a lot of areas that are below and above one another, bringing a sense of vertical diversity to the various locales you’ll explore. This comes from what the developers have learned working on previous games like Tri and 4.

A huge inspiration for different parts of the world you’ll explore like the Ancient Forest and Wildspire Waste comes from Australia. The design team behind Monster Hunter World visited many parts of the country when creating the game, which you won’t have to wait much longer for. It releases on January 26th, 2018 for PS4 and Xbox One before coming to PC at a later date.