Blizzard Gives Away Missing Overwatch Emotes to All Players After Fans Were Upset

Blizzard has announced that it is giving away two missing Overwatch emotes to all players after fans were upset over their absence in this year’s second annual Winter Wonderland holiday event. In the initial trailer for the seasonal event, various new content was shown off like the emotes and skins, and everything has released since except the two emotes.

When the Winter Wonderland event began earlier this month, players gained access to new (and old) seasonal holiday skins for all of the 26 heroes currently available in Overwatch, but two emotes that were featured in the trailer were noticeably absent. Those emotes are the Bastion and Sombra tea-drinking ones.

The tea-drinking emotes see Bastion and Sombra celebrate victory by picking up a fancy glass of tea and sipping it smugly. Since then, fans have been rather upset over the missing “toast” emotes. In frustration, players took to the official Overwatch forums to express their concern that Blizzard could’ve possibly forgot to implement them.

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In response, a member of the Overwatch team announced in the official forums that the two emotes will be coming to the game very soon and apologized for the recent marketing confusion. All players that own the game will receive the two toast emotes for Bastion and Sombra for absolutely free, regardless of whether or not they have participated in the Winter Wonderland event.

Sombra Toast

The emotes are already available right now in the Overwatch public test servers and will be added to the standard versions sometime in January after the conclusion of the holiday event. Being that it is completely free, you don’t have to purchase or earn any of the season loot boxes either.

The Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2017 holiday event is going on right now. For more info on it, check out our rundown of everything new here. The event concludes on January 1st, 2018.

Image Credit: Millenium