The Next Overwatch Event Will be the Year of the Dog for Lunar New Year

In the latest Overwatch developer update, Jeff Kaplan revealed that next event will be the Year of the Dog. This event will continue the tradition set by the Year of the Rooster event, which premiered last January, by celebrating Lunar New Year. Overwatch‘s Winter Wonderland event just ended, but you won’t have long to wait before the next one.

When Will the Overwatch Year of the Dog Event Start?

Last year’s Lunar New Year fell on January 28, and the Year of the Rooster event started on January 24. In the developer update, Kaplan said to look to last year’s dates for a clue on when the Year of the Dog event will start in Overwatch this year.

In 2018, Lunar New Year falls on February 16. If Blizzard follows the same type of schedule that they did last year, the Overwatch Year of the Dog event will start on February 12.

When Will the Overwatch Year of the Dog Event End?

Overwatch events have typically lasted around 21 days (3 weeks). While we still don’t have a definite date for when Year of the Dog will start, if it follows the pattern of last year’s event it will end on around March 5.

What Will the Overwatch Year of the Dog Skins be?

It’s always surprising (and sometimes disappointing) to see who gets unique skins in an event. Each new event introduces an average of around 10 or 11 skins. That means that 15 (or more) of the 26 heroes won’t get a new skin. Looking at last year’s skins might be a good predictor of who will get new skins this time.

Overwatch Year of the Rooster Skins


  • Ana – Tal
  • Bastion – Rooster
  • Junkrat – Firework
  • Mercy – Fortune
  • Symmetra – Qipao
  • Tracer – Rose


  • D.Va – Palanquin
  • Mei – Chang’e
  • Mei – Luna
  • Reinhardt – Wujing
  • Roadhog – Bajie
  • Winston – Wukong
  • Zenyatta – Sanzang

Usually, Blizzard has a pretty fair rotation with event skins. However, some heroes tend to get more skins than others. Most of the roster has access to around 15 unique skins, but Tracer has 18 skins whereas Orisa has only received 1 event skin since she was introduced in March 2017.

I’d put money on Orisa finally getting a second event skin, and Mei will receive a skin or two since the Year of the Dog event is a celebration of Chinese culture, but other than that it’s up in the air.

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