Pornhub Promises Nintendo Switch Support If a Browser is Released

For everyone who is hoping that the Nintendo Switch will get more third-party support, you’ll be happy to know that Pornhub has announced in an official press release that it promises support for the Switch. The only caveat is that Nintendo has to release an official internet browser for the system.

This announcement came from Pornhub’s 2017 year in review series in which the extremely popular porn-sharing website is revealing different statistics for last year. In its video game consoles segment of the year in review, it revealed various statistics about how many users are viewing porn on the website through a game system.

The interest Pornhub has in Switch perhaps stems from the spike in porn traffic from the Nintendo 3DS. Though the Switch’s portable predecessor only makes up one percent of the market share for porn on game systems, there was a 110 percent increase in traffic for that specific platform. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the original Wii saw an 83 percent decrease.

Pornhub Nintendo Switch Browser

With so many gamers moving to the Nintendo Switch as it breaks more and more records, it remains to be seen how many fans are waiting with great anticipation to see Pornhub come to the breakthrough hybrid console. In the meantime, it seems “PlayStation” (most likely PS4 only) has the largest amount of traffic, making up 56 percent of the entire market.

Coming up just behind it is “Xbox” with only 32 percent of the American pie. From there, it drops significantly to only five percent for both Wii U and PlayStation Vita. Should Nintendo add the much-requested browser in 2018 to Switch, it will be interesting to what percentage of traffic the console will have. For more on the upcoming rumored January Nintendo Direct that will see the browser finally announced, check this out.

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