Rainway Trailer Shows Nintendo Switch Support Through a Browser

The first official trailer for the PC game-streaming service Rainway has dropped, showcasing some Nintendo Switch support for the system through a browser.

Rainway is still waiting for approval from Nintendo, though the app can be accessed using a browser on the Switch. Although a browser has yet to be introduced to the Switch, in the likely event that it will be, Rainway could seemingly work just fine on the console.

A statement from Rainway reads:

“The status of Rainway’s eShop release is pending an official approval and further discussions with Nintendo. We’ve built the proof of concept, showed it working and now our focus is on launching our web platform on January 20th. We’re committed to the idea of releasing native applications on all major game consoles, the Switch included, however with the nature of Rainway’s tech it will work through any consoles web browser seamlessly. We go live January 20th for Web and for Q1 of 2018 are focused solely on pushing out mobile (Android/iOS) and optimizing our streaming tech.”

While it’s still up in the air whether or not Rainway will come to the Switch as an official app, playing games like Cuphead on Switch could still be possible. The Rainway trailer that you can view below shows off many different platforms and ways to use the service, including Nintendo’s hybrid console.

In the beginning of the trailer, we see someone die in Cuphead on PC and pick it right up from where they left off on Switch before moving onto other mobile devices. It even depicts someone playing PUBG on Switch.

While the service isn’t yet out in the wild so we can’t assess how well it would work with a Switch, this new trailer certainly looks promising.