Bungie Gives Destiny 2 Development Update Regarding Eververse, XP Rates and More

After a slew of controversies and backlash from its community, Bungie has released a Destiny 2 development update that highlights a lot of important changes that are coming to the game in the very near future. Bungie addresses nearly all of the major concerns in this update from Eververse to XP rates and more.

In Bungie’s most recent blog post, Game Director Christopher Barrett began the Destiny 2 development update by noting that the developer is “not just listening”, but doing. From there, he lists a ton of changes and updates on where the game is going for the rest of 2018, beginning with the more controversial topics like Eververse and XP rates.

There will now be a more clear gameplay path towards earning bright engrams and players will be able to earn double the engrams upon leveling up when the Crimson Days event begins next year. Related to that, XP rates are being investigated right now in order to make it more fair to players. That is in light of controversy over the amount of experience gained.

Destiny 2 Development Update

From there, the Destiny 2 development update lists out all of the various major updates planned for the game for the rest of 2018. Of them, the most notable are the huge Spring and Fall updates. The Spring update will be released either before or during season three.

In it, players will now have two different ranks in the Crucible, the option to host a private match with friends, new modes, seasonal vendor rewards, additional Vault space, PC clan chat, and more. The Destiny 2 Fall 2018 (or sooner) update expands on all of this, bringing additional Crucible playlists like Rumble, better clan rewards, item collections, Masterwork exotics, and “the future of Guided Games.”