Destiny 2 is Bringing Back Crimson Days Valentine’s Event Next Month

Grab a box of chocolate and flowers for your potential player two, as the Destiny 2 Valentine’s Day event Crimson Days is most likely returning next month for some lovey-dovey online cooperative play. Our datamining friends have once again dug up this leak by digging through the game’s files with the latest update.

This comes via GameRant. According to the dataminers there, the hints towards the Destiny 2 Crimson Days event are from a few specific files that were discovered. The files found show new ornaments that can be used to decorate certain exotic weapons, giving them a new look using several themes.

The weapons in question that were discovered with these new themes are specifically Graviton Lance, the ever-popular Prometheus Lens, Sweet Business, and Wardcliff Coil. On each of the exotic weapons ornaments is a flower-like icon that is the same as the one used for previous Crimson Day events in Destiny 2’s predecessor.

Destiny 2 Prometheus Lens Exotic Trance Rifle

Though Destiny 2 has yet to have a Crimson Day event (since it only released in September), fans of the original Destiny will know the Valentine’s Day-themed event well. For those that are new to series or simply missed out on previous events, Crimson Days redecorates hub areas like seen above while also focusing on couples-themed Crucible playlists.

In its original Destiny iteration, there was a special playlist called Crimson Doubles that were two-on-two matches with a special buff given to a player if their partner fell in battle. It is unsure if this is how Destiny 2’s version of Crimson Days will be as The Dawning event took a different approach to a seasonal event, focusing more on Eververse and its cosmetic engrams.

The Dawning holiday event is still going on right now, scheduled to end tomorrow at the usual reset time. If you still haven’t had a chance to grab some of the holiday-themed items and throw a couple of snowballs, this is your last chance to jump on it before Bungie officially announces the Crimson Days Destiny 2 event.