Twitch Streamer CJayride Leaves Taiwan After Controversial Jacuzzi Video

Twitch streamer Chris James Robb, known as CJayride online, has claimed that he is leaving Taiwan after offending locals with a controversial video.

CJayride regularly streams videos under the IRL, or “In Real Life,” Twitch category, which sees him documenting his life in Taiwan. CJ works for a video game company in the country. In a recent upload, CJayride held a 5-way jacuzzi party in which he invited two local women, but the events that transpired during this party have landed the streamer in hot water.

During the streamer, many viewers began spamming the chat with “EZ,” with CJayride having therefore been accused of suggesting that Taiwanese women are “easy.”

In a video uploaded to YouTube titled ‘I am so sorry,’ CJ explained his side of the story, touching upon the claims that he was disrespecting Taiwan during the controversial live stream.

“Don’t draw conclusions from online clips. I have never said that, “Taiwan girls are easy.” When you download BTTV emote extensions for Twitch and type EZ, then you can see a picture of Pepe the frog in sunglasses,” CJ said. “Its meaning has nothing to do with girls, and it doesn’t mean “girls are easy”. If you go through my on that day, you’ll see that I have never called anyone easy. I know everyone is angry, and I am sorry for the trouble this has caused you.”

cjayride jacuzzi twitch banned

CJ’s Twitch account has now been banned, though his supporters have offered a different take on the series of events. On Twitter, CJ dismissed the “fake story” that had been distributed about him, directing his followers to a post on the subreddit r/LivestreamFail. In this post, a user claimed that as a result of the jacuzzi video, CJ was doxxed and his personal information was distributed in the chat of Taiwanese Twitch streamer ckkos44444, who had spoken out against CJ’s behavior in the country.

CJ’s video made it into the local news, which reported that a clip taken from the stream depicted one of the women suggestively kneeling in front of JakenBake, another streamer who appeared in the jacuzzi video. The video was clipped by a fan and titled “Taiwanese Girls Want to Eat Foreign Sausage,” though CJ was not involved in the naming of the clip.

Despite CJ’s protests against this recent controversy, his critics have pointed towards older videos as evidence of the lack of respect he has shown to Taiwan and its laws. Back in July, he streamed himself flicking fish balls on the grass and sticking bamboo skewers in the dirt. According to a Taiwan News report, he justified the littered by saying: “No litter? What am I supposed to do? There’s no trash cans out here.”

He also attracted criticism on the popular Taiwanese message board PTT after filming himself holding onto the back of vehicles while skateboarding, along with uploading an argument between two bystanders and then blocking them on Facebook after they discovered the video. He has also secretly filmed women on the MRT, Taiwan’s transit line, commenting on their clothing in front of his thousands of his viewers. He was also banned from applying for a driving license in the country after trying to live stream his test.

CJ concluded the video by saying that he would be taking a break from streaming. “I will be leaving Taiwan to meditate and think about the next stage in my life,” he concluded.

Watch the video below: