Rumor: New Xbox Elite Controller 2.0 Leaked

The Xbox Elite Controller 2.0 has reportedly been leaked, with a website in China posting photos and information allegedly detailing the as-yet-unannounced new controller.

A post on the Chinese website Baidu (translated via ResetEra) reportedly outs Microsoft’s new Xbox Elite Controller 2.0, revealing some new features that the leaker has claimed will be introduced to the new controller. The features are listed below:

Xbox Elite Controller 2.0: Rumored Features

  • Rechargeable batteries.
  • USB Type-C.
  • Bluetooth on Win10.
  • 3-level Hair Trigger locks.
  • 3-Profile Switch.
  • Longer key-travel for Paddles.

While Microsoft hasn’t confirmed that it’s working on a follow-up to the original Elite, the leaker also included some images of a prototype for the controller, which can be viewed in the gallery below:

If the Xbox Elite Controller 2.0 is real, it’s likely that we’ll learn more about it around E3 time. The original Elite was popular with Xbox One and PC gamers, so a newer model that fixes some of its issues would be a welcome upgrade.