Night in the Woods Nintendo Switch Release Date Confirmed for Next Month

Night in the Woods will launch on the Nintendo Switch next month, its developers have confirmed.

Night in the Woods is set to make its way to the console on February 1st, with it being available to download for $19.99. It will take up 6.2 GB of your storage space, so Switch owners will either want to clear out some old games or finally invest in a new SD card. It will also include both the Weird Autumn update and the Solstice episodes.

Night in the Woods attracted plenty of praise when it first launched on the PC in early 2017, with it eventually making its way onto the PS4 and Xbox One later in the year. Switch owners have been waiting for the game to launch on the handheld/home console hybrid for a while, and it seems that the eShop listing has let the cat out of the bag.

Night in the Woods was one of the most critically acclaimed games of 2017, so players will no doubt be pleased that they’ll now be able to experience it while on the move. We can’t think of many greater pleasures than putting in a pair of headphones and enjoying its stellar soundtrack while on the morning commute.

Watch a trailer for the game below: