Ubisoft Developer Teases Nintendo Switch Announcement

A Ubisoft developer has teased an announcement related to the Nintendo Switch, with the reveal reportedly set to take place within the next few days.

Ubi-PandaR0o, a lighting/3D animator at Ubisoft Montreal, tweeted that “something will happen in some days,” pointing to an upcoming Nintendo announcement.

The tweet can be viewed below:

According to their Twitter account, Ubi-PandaR0o previously worked on Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle, so this tweet could perhaps be an indication that Ubisoft is working on DLC for the game. It could also mean that Ubisoft is working on a brand new partnership with Nintendo, given the positive reception to its last collaboration.

Some have suggested that this tweet could also indicate that another Nintendo Direct is around the corner. Many were expecting more Ubisoft announcements in last week’s presentation, with a rumor circulating that a larger Nintendo Direct could take place on Thursday (January 18th).

We’ll have to wait and see whether or not that’s the case, but either way, it seems that Ubisoft has got some tricks up its sleeve for the Switch.