Epic Games Has Shifted Part of the Paragon Team to Work on Fortnite

Epic Games has revealed that the Paragon development team has now shifted focus to work on Fortnite. The game’s community has waited patiently for the developer to release news on what it plans to do for the free-to-play MOBA, and we now have an idea of where it will be going from here.

Reported via Comicbook, Epic Games has announced some details regarding Paragon’s future. The game isn’t being outright canceled or shut down, but the plans for it seem minimal at best. The developer begins with a statement directed towards its fans, stating that it “cares deeply about this community.”

Unfortunately, it only becomes grimmer from there. According to Epic Games, major changes and additions to Paragon like the new card system have been solely done to grow its player-base. Though these changes have been “beloved by a core community”, they haven’t been enough to make the game a mainstream success like Epic Games’ other title, Fortnite.


Despite all of this, improvements will continue to be made for the dedicated Paragon community. A new update is scheduled to arrive this week, bringing with it some card and hero balances. The reason progress on the MOBA has been slow lately is due to two specific reasons.

The team’s time is currently divided up into short-term balances and improvements, and long-term goals. This has caused it to seem like not much work is being done currently for Paragon. The second reason is that an unspecified number of employees have moved on to work on Fortnite, due to its immense popularity.

Epic Games challenges the Paragon community to let it know what it should do regarding the future of the game. It ends its transparent letter to the community by stating:

“Like you, the team is deeply passionate about Paragon. Like you, we would love to find a path that works. And like the community at large, we are not all in agreement on what could place Paragon on a fundamentally better path for all.”