Washington State Senator Introduces Bill to Determine if Loot Boxes are Gambling

It seems the efforts of gamers everywhere is being acknowledged, as a Washington State Senator has now introduced a bill to the United States Government that is aimed at determining whether or not loot boxes in video games like Star Wars Battlefront 2 should be legally considered as a form of gambling.

As reported by The News Tribune, Washington State Senator Kevin Ranker has drafted a bill for Legislature this month that is targeting loot boxes and ‘similar mechanics’ in games, specifically how these systems prey on children. The bill is addressed to both the legislators in Washington DC and video game developers alike. Senator Ranker gave this statement alongside his bill:

“Industry, state: sit down to figure out the best way to regulate this. It is unacceptable to be targeting our children with predatory gambling masked in a game with dancing bunnies or something.”

Senator Kevin Ranker

In Senator Ranker’s bill, he proposes that the United States Government should regulate any video game that has features that look like gambling in any form. He specifically mentions that odds for chance-based purchases should be made completely public. According to him, these regulations are important for protecting those too young to understand what’s going on.

This is by no means a guarantee that the bill will pass, but it is certain to involve the government now in the conversation. It is no surprise that a bill was introduced after a Hawaii US Representative began exploring an anti-loot boxes law last year.

The controversy behind loot boxes became heated after gamers fought back against games like Star Wars Battlefront 2 and NBA 2K18 for their unfair nature that encourages players to purchase loot boxes.