PSN Newsletter: What to Do if You Haven’t Received the Discount

A PSN Newsletter is giving gamers a 20% discount off all current PS4 titles – except many are complaining that they’ve yet to receive the offer. Thankfully, there’s an easy-to-do workaround for those with Gmail accounts.

PSN Newsletter 20% Discount: What to Do if You Haven’t Received the Email

There’s a good chance you may not have received an email titled ‘What’s New.’ To fix this, fire up your PS4 and head to Settings and click on Account Management. Once you’ve done this, go into Account Information, sign-in again, and do the following (note: this is for Gmail account users in the US only):

After your email address and before the ‘@,’ add ‘+psn.’ For example, if your email was [email protected], the email you would put in would be [email protected]

What is the PSN Discount – And Where Can I Use It?

PSN newsletter discount

You could hold onto the discount and use it for the Shadow of the Colossus Remake.

The coupon, which expires on February 12, allows players to get a 20% discount on games in the PSN store. However, all pre-orders – including God of War – are exempt from the discount. It is a one-time deal and can be redeemed by going to the PlayStation Store, by scrolling down to the penultimate tile on the left sidebar and clicking Redeem Codes.

For more information detailing the issue, and how to fix it, Reddit users have laid out solutions, as well as reasons why some aren’t receiving emails. To be clear: only users in the United States (and Canada in some rare cases) with Gmail accounts will have access to this offer. If you haven’t already received the newsletter it’s likely that you’re exempt for those reasons, as the +psn trick only works for those specific accounts.

So, if you haven’t dabbled in NieR Automata’s barmy brand of existentialism or you finally want to get your teeth stuck into Monster Hunter World, then what are you waiting for? There’s 20% off just waiting for you.