DayZ Xbox One Version to Launch This Year

The Xbox “Game Preview” program has seen great success with titles like PUBGSubnautica, and We Happy Few, all attracting positive attention, despite their unfinished states.

Being a Game Preview title allows developers a safety net, of sorts, with bugs and glitches simply attributed to the early builds of the game.

DayZ was announced for the Game Preview program way back during E3 2015. Almost three years later, we’re again hearing that the hardcore survival title will be coming to Xbox.

Over on Twitter, user The CrazyScot asked the development team if there would be a DayZ Xbox One or PS4 version. The devs responded enthusiastically, with a “Yes!” and a 2018 release window.

DayZ Xbox One

The PS4 version is also mentioned as coming “eventually.”

With DayZ being infamous for launching on PC in a buggy state, and remaining a mess throughout the lengthy “Early Access” development cycle, I think it would be wise to wait and see how the Game Preview build holds up, before buying the DayZ Xbox One edition.

With so much time in the development oven, perhaps I’m wrong to be pessimistic. I would gladly welcome a PUBG competitor to console, as competition is great for consumers, and I’d love to see the current battle royale king squirm a little. (Yes, Fortnite is great, but the more, the merrier!)

Let me know what you think of a DayZ Xbox One release in 2018. Too little, too late? Or will it actually have an impact?