There Are Now 475 People Working on Star Citizen and Squadron 42

Star Citizen has always come across as a incredibly ambitious project. It’s a game that promises big things, attracting backers during its hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, and securing more and more support during the years that followed.

A project as enormous as Star Citizen, and its single-player Squadron 42 segment, requires hundreds of developers, all coordinating and working together to deliver on, what is supposed to be, a revolutionary gaming experience.

In an interview with DualShockers, Foundry 42 Studio Director Erin Roberts detailed just how many developers are now working on Star Citizen.

“Currently, Cloud Imperium Games has five offices following the recent opening of a new Foundry 42 location in Derby, U.K. that counts only fifteen staffers at the moment. The largest office is the main Foundry 42 location in Manchester, with a headcount of 234. The studios in the U.S. are more compact with Cloud Imperium Games in Los Angeles and Cloud Imperium Games Texas in Austin counting respectively 75 and 71 staffers. Last, but not least, the Foundry 42 office in Frankfurt, Germany, gives work to a staff of 80.”

In total, this adds up to 475 people combining their efforts to make Star Citizen and Squadron 42 a reality.

Star Citizen

Roberts also told DualShockers that 2018 would be “a really good year in terms of getting a lot of gameplay and content in the hands of the community.”

With 475 developers now working on the game, I think we can expect to see a lot of progress made this year. Those 1,985,366 backers, who have provided a total of $178,570,829, will hopefully be very happy with the results.

Did you back Star Citizen? Are you excited for the year ahead?