Star Wars: Squadrons reveals how seasonal content will work

Star Wars: Squadrons operations, daily challenges, and competitive play have been revealed. New pilots will have plenty to do for the foreseeable future with an 8-week content cycle that seems an awful lot like a battle pass.

EA first revealed Star Wars: Squadrons gameplay back in June 2020. One of the points mentioned during that segment of EA Play was that all unlocks and rewards will be earned by actually playing the game. Now, we have firm details on exactly how this system will work.

To start, every player will have their own personal level. Your Star Wars: Squadrons level will never reset and will effectively represent your progress as a pilot throughout the game. This is a leveling system that should be familiar to anyone who plays modern multiplayer games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and the like.

Earning levels will unlock Requisition Points which can be used to unlock ship components. Should you manage to hit Level 40, you’ll have enough Requisition Points to unlock every possible ship loadout. The news post detailing these upgrades notes that it’s not about getting more power; rather, it’s about getting more options.

Star Wars: Squadrons operations hangar

If you care about cosmetics more than anything else, then the Operations system will surely get your attention. The game will have 8-week content cycles where pilots can unlock unique cosmetic rewards by completing Operation Challenges. Once a cycle is over, the content is unlikely to return anytime soon.

This 8-week cycle will also be shared with competitive play. Players will have to complete 10 placement matches, after which they’ll get a Fleet Battles Rank. Each of the six ranks — Maverick, Hotshot, Hero, Valiant, Legend, and Galactic Ace — appears to have as many as five tiers each.

Finally, players will also be able to complete regular Challenges every day. These challenges will reward players with the “Glory” currency which can then be used to unlock cosmetics for your ships. Glory will also be awarded after every match depending on your performance.

Star Wars: Squadrons is shaping up to give players heaps of content. You’ll be able to hop in an X-Wing or TIE Fighter when it launches on October 2, 2020, for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.