Harvest Moon Creator Announces Little Dragons Cafe for PS4 and Switch

Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons creator Yasuhiro Wada has announced his next game, Little Dragons Cafe. It will be developed by Aksys Games.

Instead of primarily being a farming simulation role-playing game like the Harvest Moon games, Little Dragons Cafe will focus on dragon rearing and restaurant management. Harvest Moon fans will still find a lot of similar elements, like growing crops, fishing and more. Several of the key features in Little Dragons Cafe include Dragon Husbandry, where players will have to embrace their parental instincts and raise a dragon through wise decisions, proper nutrition, and empathetic nurturing.

Another key feature is Culinary Capitalism, where players have to learn new recipes to master the art of cooking and explore the world for new ingredients while running the cafe and serving their customers. Additionally, the Grow Your Own feature allows players to grow their own ingredients for use in cooking while Serve The People will have players help solve their customers’ problems to increase the cafe’s popularity.

According to Gematsu, the story in Little Dragons Cafe begins with a twin brother and sister working in a cafe with their mother. Everything seems to be going well until the twins find their mother in a deep slumber one morning. It was then that a strange old man suddenly appears to tell them of a dragon that they must raise in order to awaken their mother. With the help of three quirky employees, the twins must find a way to raise a dragon while handling the cafe and searching for a cure for their mother.

Yasuhiro Wada has been working in the games industry for over 20 years. He formed Toybox Inc., a games development company in 2012. Before that, he worked at Marvelous Entertainment, as well as a short stint at Grasshopper Manufacture. His most recent game was Birthdays the Beginning, which was released on the PS4 and PC in 2017.

Little Dragons Cafe has been in development for two years. It will be released on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch with a release window of Summer 2018.