Twitch Streamer Aqualadora Says She Killed a Dog Because She Didn’t Like its Owner

Twitch streamer Aqualadora claimed that she once killed a dog because she didn’t like its owner, with her confession taking place live on stream.

Simone Scott appeared on a stream hosted by RajjPatel, when she was asked to reveal the “worst thing” she’s ever done to somebody else. She replied: “I used to work as a veterinary technician, so I once killed someone’s dog.”

When the shocked host asked if she had killed the dog “on purpose,” she responded: “Yeah, but no one knew because y’know… professional, but I mean…”

RajjPatel attempted to prevent the conversation from continuing, telling Simone to “just say that it was an accident,” but she continued: “It was a really bad person, so…”

The video clipped from RajjPatel’s channel can be viewed below:

Simone then added that “it was a pretty shitty dog, too.” When asked if she regretted killing the dog, she replied: “I mean, shitty dog, shitty person.”

Other guests then joined the stream, at which point Simone was asked to elaborate on the circumstances of the dog’s death. “Listen, I worked in a veterinary hospital,” she replied. “Dogs die in there all the time. Let’s just say I didn’t kill the dog… the medication killed the dog.”

Rajj also came under criticism for continuing to host the stream after Simone’s comments had been made. He later posted a statement to Twitter, saying that Simone was later removed from his stream.

“The abuse of animals is completely unacceptable and morally reprehensible, Rajj said. “The individual involved was removed as a result and will never be welcome on my platform again. Im really upset about it and can’t believe that anybody would have the capacity to do something like that.”

After the clips started doing the rounds online, Simone took to Twitter to claim that her comments were made as a joke. “You would think this community would know how to recognize a troll when they see one,” she tweeted.

It’s unclear whether or not Twitch will shut down the Aqualadora channel as a result of Simone’s comments. While her claims technically do not break the Twitch rules, and her debatable defense that the comments were made in jest could prevent any official punishment from the streaming company, admitting to a crime live on stream should still be cause for Twitch to investigate into the matter.

Simone has since made videos on the Aqualadora channel subscriber-only, after receiving a number of threats following her comments. We have reached out to her for a statement and will update this story when we receive a response.