Monster Hunter World Now the Best-Selling Game in Capcom History

Monster Hunter World is not only the fastest Capcom game to ship more than six million units, it is now officially the best-selling title in Capcom’s 39 years of operating in the games industry.

Capcom announced via press release that Monster Hunter World has managed to ship 7.5 million units worldwide, including digital copies, beating Resident Evil 5‘s 7.3 million units. This is an impressive milestone for the Japanese giant, considering that the game has only been released for the PS4 and Xbox One so far, with a PC version coming soon at an unspecified date.

The Monster Hunter franchise has achieved a total cumulative lifetime sales figure of more than 48 million units globally, as of March 5th, 2018. The first game in the long-running series debuted on the PS2 over 14 years ago.

According to the most recent Media Create Sales figures, Monster Hunter World has remained on top of the software sales chart in Japan for the fifth consecutive week since it launched in late January. That amounts to a whopping 1,890,273 units sold in Japan alone.

Monster Hunter World Anjanath

Monster Hunter World fans in Japan will have more to look forward to later in 2018 as Capcom plans to organize qualifying events in seven regions throughout the country, which will lead to the Monster Hunter World Kariou Playoffs. The champion will be crowned the best hunter in all of Japan. At the time of writing, no such events have been announced for the rest of the world.

Additionally, Capcom plans to expand the Monster Hunter franchise beyond video games with an upcoming Hollywood feature film adaptation of Monster Hunter, as well as Monster Hunter Real, a theme park ride currently running at Universal Studios Japan.

Monster Hunter World is an action-RPG in which players assume the role of a hunter who slays monsters of all shapes and sizes in a high fantasy setting. With fourteen archetypes of weapons available, players hunt down monsters in quests to obtain loot, which in turn can be used to improve their equipment. It is the first title in the entire franchise to be simultaneously launched worldwide for the PS4 and Xbox One.

We gave it a rating of 4.5 out of 5 in our review, which you can check out over here.