Rumor: Battlefield 2018 to Have Battlefield 1-Like Campaign

Several details regardly the upcoming Battlefield 2018 have reportedly been leaked. These rumors reveal some information on the campaign and features that will purportedly be included in the next Battlefield game, including information

Last week VentureBeat writer Jeff Grubb reported that the next Battlefield game was going to return to a World War 2 setting, as well as being referred to internally by publisher EA as “Battlefield V.” Now Grubb claims that his sources have confirmed a few details about Battlefield 2018.

Battlefield 2018 will apparently feature a campaign modeled after Battlefield 1‘s, with “episodic mini-stories” that allow players to assume the role of different soldiers in different theaters of war around the world. If that’s true, it’s possible that Battlefield 2018 will transport players to locations like the Pacific and the Eastern Fronts of World War 2. The last Battlefield game to feature a World War 2 setting was 2009’s Battlefield 1943.

The leak also suggests that Battlefield 2018 will feature cooperative gameplay. This will reportedly be a special mode where players go through “randomly generated Conquest missions.” Grubb mentions the possibility of split-screen, as he says that DICE probably knows that it will be a requested feature to be included with any kind of co-op mode.

Additionally, Battlefield 2018 will purportedly allow players to “go prone on their backs,” which might be inspired by Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege. Grubb explains that this feature “should give players more movement options during competitive multiplayer”, as players will then have the option to move on their backs.

The last detail to apparently be confirmed is that Battlefield 2018 will only have cosmetic loot boxes, which is similar to how it worked in Battlefield 1. After the public relations nightmare that was Star Wars Battlefront 2 last year, EA will certainly want to leave that behind and start cementing a better reputation from now on.

Although these reports have yet to be confirmed by EA or DICE, we will surely learn something concrete about Battlefield 2018 when it makes an appearance at EA Play 2018. The event will take place right before E3 and tickets will be free for attendees.

(Via VentureBeat)