State of Decay 2 Release Date and Price Revealed

The State of Decay 2 release date has been announced, along with its launch day pricing. The game will launch on May 22, for both Xbox One and PC. It will also be made immediately available to those with the Xbox Game Pass. There will be two editions of State of Decay 2: the $29.99 Standard Edition, and the $49.99 Ultimate Edition.

The $29.99 base price is less than gamers might expect to pay. Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg explained that Microsoft’s goal “is to build a long-term relationship with the State of Decay community, and to foster deeper experiences with the franchise.” Greenberg went on to describe State of Decay 2 as “the ultimate zombie survival fantasy,” which Microsoft wants “to give more players the opportunity to join in and experience.”

If you’re wondering what exactly players get in the more expensive State of Decay 2 Ultimate Edition, there’s an included copy of the State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition, as well as the Independence Pack and Daybreak Pack DLCs. We’ll have to wait until they’re out before we can say whether that’s worth the extra $20.

The lower price should make it easier to persuade friends to join us in 4-player co-op. Here’s hoping State of Decay 2 can prove that zombie games can still be fun in 2018!

(Via IGN)