Report: Fortnite Jetpack to Use Fuel, Have a Hover Mode and More Details

Ever since the hunting rifle replaced the Fortnite jetpack in a recent update, players have been wondering when they’ll finally be able to take to the skies, and how exactly the jetpack will work. Thanks to Storm Shield One, who gave the 3.1.0 update files a closer look through datamining, we know more information about the Fortnite jetpack, including that it uses fuel, has a hover mode, and will be featured in an upcoming Limited Time Mode.

Fortnite Jetpack Fuel

Fortnite jetpack fuel has been referenced in both sound files and UI elements. It’s expected that players won’t be able to use the jetpack indefinitely, with flight time being limited.

The Fortnite jetpack will apparently regenerate fuel over time, as opposed to players having to find fuel about the map. Files also suggest that a certain item will either be required for refueling, or will cause the jetpack to refuel faster.

fortnite jetpack

Fortnite Jetpack Hover Mode

Also mentioned in the game files, is the Fortnite jetpack hover mode. We can only speculate on what the hover mode will do, but we assume it’s a way of stabilizing the player, to allow for more accurate gunfire.

fortnite jetpack

Fortnite Jetpack “Take to the Skies” Limited Time Mode

The files also suggest that the Fortnite Jetpack will first be available exclusively in the “Take to the Skies” Limited Time Mode. It’s unclear if this will later change, but for now, that’s what dataminer Storm Shield One has reportedly found.

(Via FortniteINTEL)