Another World for the Switch Announced by DotEmu

DotEmu has announced that Another World will arrive on the Nintendo Switch this year. The cult classic game was originally released on the Commodore Amiga and the Atari ST over 27 years ago. Another World, also known as Out Of This World in North America, is a cinematic action-adventure platformer game initially developed by Delphine Software and designed by Eric Chahi. The game stars protagonist Lester, a young scientist who finds himself on a dangerous alien world after an experiment went wrong.

It has since inspired other iconic games like Ico, Metal Gear Solid, and Silent Hill, which emulated Another World‘s innovative use of cinematic effects both in-game and during cutscenes. The 20th-anniversary edition is the most recent iteration of the game. That version was released on multiple platforms, including the PS4, Xbox One, PC and even mobile devices.

DotEmu confirmed the upcoming Nintendo Switch port via Twitter. The tweet also contains a video of Eric Chahi’s creative process of developing Another World. According to Destructoid, the confirmed features so far include the ability to switch between original or high-definition visuals, three difficulty modes, and support for up to five different languages. They also reported that the game will be arriving in standard and collector editions.

Another World developer Eric Chahi said: “Another World is the conscious result of this desire to create a game that will give birth to a story, a universe.” He also added that the rotoscoping was used to produce the animations in the game. Rotoscoping is the technique of recording something in real-time and tracing over the footage frame-by-frame in order to create animations.

Another World on the Nintendo Switch is slated for a release window of Spring 2018. No price has been announced, although the PC port costs $10 on Steam. It is possible that we will be hearing more about this in today’s Nintendo Direct event. The Nintendo Direct presentation will be streamed live on the official site and YouTube, at 2 pm PST / 3 pm MST / 4 pm CST / 5 pm EST in North America.