Report: Nintendo to Replace Microsoft as Number 2 Behind Sony in 2018

Despite both Nintendo and Microsoft enjoying big profits in 2017, a recent report predicts that Microsoft will give up its spot behind Sony as the second-biggest console manufacturer in 2018. Sony is still holding firm in the top spot. IHS Markit reports (via that Microsoft took $10 billion in sales from Xbox hardware, software and services last year, compared to Nintendo’s $8 billion. However, that is possibly about to change.

Predictions for the upcoming year tips Nintendo’s takings over Microsoft’s, with the Japanese company on course to recoup $11 billion, while Microsoft could continue their recent trend of falling profits by ‘only’ making $9 billion in sales.

The big news to take away from this, however, is that for the first time since Nintendo’s glory days with the Wii, they’re firmly back in the running when it comes to the console market. Having said that, they’ve still got some way to go to match Sony’s frankly astronomical figures. In 2017, Sony took over $20 billion dollars, $2 billion more than their nearest rivals combined. 2018 will again reportedly see Sony more than match Microsoft and Nintendo’s figures, as their success in the market shows no signs of slowing down.

What does that tell us about the console landscape for 2018 and beyond? For one thing, Nintendo are (arguably) a major power again. The Switch has boosted their incomings and, when coupled with some big first-party successes, that has translated to a banner year for the organization. Microsoft, though, are slowly sliding towards third place. 2017 wasn’t bad by any stretch of the imagination, but trends seem to suggest that things are going to get worse before they get better. As for Sony? They’re too busy swimming in money, even if the industry is slowly but surely shifting in Nintendo’s favor.