FFXV PC Mod Lets You Play Your own Music in the Regalia

With this FFXV PC Mod, the impossible has become possible! If there’s one thing that players have always wanted to do when playing Final Fantasy XV, it would be to play their very own music. So they must be overjoyed now that tutorials have sprouted up from the darkest depths of the internet (aka Youtube) in order to show them just how they’ll be able to bring their very own songs into the world of Final Fantasy XV.

It all started like modding usually does, with a simple tutorial on Youtube. As you can see below, YouTuber Ryudo Gaming uploaded this helpful tutorial, not knowing how many lives were now going to be changed with the basic but very informative tutorial, that links Audacity as its main component on getting the music you want in-game.

Final Fantasy XV has only just released on the PC this year, but already it’s making waves as one of the most beautiful and must-have games for PC. Even our very own Jason Faulkner fell in love with it, which you can see by his review about the game’s amazing setting, characters and of course, their beautiful hair.

Many are happy to see the game on PC for various reasons, but a very large (and vocal part) of the community have already made it clear that mods were an essential part of why they were so excited for the game. And it’s obvious to see why, considering mods like the one shown in Ryudo Gaming’s video only enhance the game to suit the player’s need, making them more eager to keep playing. Even if some modders’ reason for playing is to just throw in lots and lots of Chocobos and Cactaurs everywhere…

Whatever floats your boat, man.