Monster Hunter World Deviljho DLC Release Date Revealed

The Monster Hunter World Deviljho DLC release date has been confirmed, with a bunch of information being revealed ahead of today’s Monster Hunter World stream. This new DLC will include the foreboding Deviljho monster, with the Terror Dragon being added to players’ quests.

This new information pertains to both Deviljho and a new Monster Hunter World update, with details now emerging regarding Capcom’s plans for the title’s immediate future. The Deviljho DLC is set to launch sooner rather than later, giving players something new to hunt in the action RPG.

Monster Hunter World Deviljho Release Date: When Does Deviljho Come Out?

Deviljho will come to Monster Hunter World on March 22, with the monster being available on both the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game. This update, shared via Famitsu, revealed that Deviljho will be debuted by Capcom sooner than expected, with it now set to make its appearance next week.

The introduction of Deviljho will see the monster being introduced to quests, encounters, and free-roaming exploration of the game’s world. As is Monster Hunter tradition, it will also be available to use for crafting.

Monster Hunter World Update: Improvements and Bug Fixes

But that’s not all! Alongside the Deviljho DLC, Capcom will also be introducing a new Monster Hunter World containing a bunch of improvements. These will include widespread weapon balancing encompassing almost every weapon in the game, quality of life adjustments, an option to return to return to order the gathering hall after your quest ends, improved loading times, and — finally! — the ability to change the appearance of your character.

In the latter improvement, players will be given one free appearance change, with subsequent changes seeing them being charged for their makeover. Still, with many of us have fallen out of love with our in-game avatar, it’ll be nice to finally change the face beneath all that hefty gear.

To fight against Deviljho and acquire the new update, you’ll need to download the update on March 22.