Epic Games Restores Fortnite Dragon Weapons Schematics Affected by Re-Rolls

Epic Games really messed up the Fortnite Dragon Weapons, with recent patches making the should-be awesome guns either underpowered and/or severely limited. Weapons were being loaded up with nothing but the lowest-tier perks, and though Update 3.0 fixed this issue, affected players were still left with their poorly-powered guns. This was not intentional, and Epic Games promised players that a fix would be coming this week.

Fortnite Dragon Weapons Fix

Happily, Epic Games has delivered, bringing news of a solution to all those stuck with an accidentally-nerfed oriental arsenal. Posting on Reddit, EPIC_Clintonious announced that all Fortnite Dragon Weapons schematics affected by the Update 3.2 re-rolls, would be restored. In addition to this fix, players will also get to keep their current Dragon Weapon schematics.

Unfortunately, it seems that not all players have received their old schematics. Users on both Reddit and Twitter are continuing to complain. The latest post from Epic Games says that the team is “looking into it,” and that players will be updated “when [they] know more.”

Epic Games has been incredibly transparent when it comes to issues affecting Fortnite players. Though many players are expressing their anger at being inconvenienced in this way, I’m sure the communication from the developer is appreciated. It certainly beats offering feedback and never receiving a response!

fortnite dragon weapons

With Fortnite Update 3.3 having been delayed, and the Teams of 20 game mode extended as a result, Epic Games is busy fixing a multitude of issues to get things back on track. Expect to hear more about current and upcoming fixes, as well as future content, in this week’s development update. (And, of course, stay fixed to GameRevolution for all the latest Fortnite guides and news!)