Monster Hunter World Mega Man Palico Gear Added in New Update

Only yesterday did we talk about how Monster Hunter World and Devil May Cry have announced a collaboration with one another. Now Monster Hunter World fans are in for another crossover surprise with the announcement of the Mega Man Palico Gear, said to be arriving mid-April. This announcement comes from the official Monster Hunter World Twitter account, confirming that your cute and fluffy friends will be able to dress up in the most awesome, blue pixel suit around to suit to satisfy your Mega Man needs.

The tweet also included a small preview of what the suit will look like. Try not to say ‘aww’ in public, even though after seeing this it’ll be pretty damn difficult. It’s alright, we won’t judge.

Palicoes get equipped with Mega Man gear in #MHWorld starting on April 13

The Palicoes have become a huge part of the Monster Hunter World franchise without even trying. It may be due to their adorable, cuddly appearance or the fact they can be ridiculously helpful when you’re in a bit of trouble where the monsters you’re supposed to be chasing end up chasing you. The Palicoes are also great for letting your fashionista side take over, as customizing your furry friend in Monster Hunter World never really gets old.

Released back in January on PS4 and Xbox One (with the PC release coming very soon), Monster Hunter World has enraptured players with its dangerous, but thrilling, world and its terrifyingly giant monsters. The game values its multiplayer also, and with skins and crossovers such as Devil May Cry and Mega Man, it is obvious to see that Capcom is looking further into the future by expanding its universe into something that players won’t be able to tear themselves away from.