Battlefront 2 Progression Overhaul Brings XP System and Cosmetic Microtransactions

The Star Wars Battlefront 2 progression system is getting a major overhaul, with a new XP system and cosmetic microtransactions being introduced. Following the game’s launch where paid-for, gameplay-affecting microtransactions were quickly removed, due to outrage from the community, Battlefront 2 has been in a worrying state. A lack of communication from the developers, combined with the fact that players knew that microtransactions would eventually return, had the game sitting in a strange state of limbo.

New Battlefront 2 Microtransactions

Now EA has revealed the return of Battlefront 2 microtransactions, but in a way that won’t affect gameplay. Paid-for cosmetic unlocks are considered acceptable by many players, and this is the route that Battlefront 2 will be taking.

Loot boxes will no longer contain Star Cards. Instead, they will be unlocked through gameplay and will not be available for purchase. XP will be earned for classes, Heroes, and vehicles that the player uses, which will then turn into Skill Points. These can be invested into Star Cards to power them up.

EA has made it clear that only cosmetic items can be bought, with everything else unlocked through gameplay. Future maps, modes, and other content will still be free for all players.

Battlefront 2 Progression

Cosmetic items will become available in April, with both in-game Credits and Crystals (the premium currency) being used to buy them.

I think this change will please most players, and it’s the safest move EA could make, outside of just avoiding microtransactions entirely.

Additional content will be “rolling out in the following weeks,” which should hopefully boost the player count and get servers populated again.