Street Fighter TV Series in Development From the Team Behind Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist

A new live-action Street Fighter TV series is currently in development. It is being produced and financed by Entertainment One, and the team behind the web series Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist — Joey Ansah, Jacqueline Quella, and Mark Wooding — are developing the new TV series.

The beginning of the new Street Fighter TV series will be adapted from World Warrior story arc, which was originally featured in Street Fighter II: The World Warrior back in 1991. Four iconic characters will be the protagonists of the series, including Ryu, Ken, Guile, and Chun-Li.

The story will take these four characters and pit them against M. Bison, leader of the criminal organization Shadaloo. They meet for the first time at the World Warrior tournament organized by M. Bison with the purpose of finding the world’s most powerful and capable fighter.

Entertainment One President and Chief Content Officer Mark Gordon said: “Street Fighter is a global tour de force franchise, having garnered immense worldwide commercial success and built a vast devoted fanbase that has only grown through its 30-year legacy. We are thrilled to be teaming up with Joey, Jacqueline, and Mark, who are already so deeply connected to this brand, to bring this adored story to television audiences everywhere.”

Gordon adds that “a particular strength of Street Fighter is the wide range of ethnically diverse characters and powerful women featured in the game,” which will allow them “to build an inclusive and engaging TV universe.”

It seems that Capcom has spent a long time searching for a company to produce a new Street Fighter TV series. That’s according to Capcom’s Executive Producer for Street Fighter Yoshinori Ono, who said that Entertainment One has the “credentials” to help them “launch a faithful adaptation of Street Fighter as a major TV series.”

The new Street Fighter TV series looks to be in early development, with no word yet on the official cast and when it will premiere. The classic Capcom fighting game franchise has had several live-action adaptations in the past, including 1994’s Street Fighter starring Jean-Claude Van Damme as Guile, and 2009’s Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li starring Kristin Kreuk as the titular protagonist.

In other related news, the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection recently received an official release date, which also comes with an enticing pre-order bonus. Additionally, we reported that the 2018 edition of the Capcom Pro Tour, which features Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, no longer lists Sony and Twitch as sponsors.

(Via Deadline)