Sea of Thieves Hack Allows Cheaters to Use Aimbot and Esp Wallhacks

Sea of Thieves hack has been spotted in the wild, which allows the most desperate of players to cheat their way to the top. The new Sea of Thieves hack gives players the ability to fire their weapons without worrying about aiming (the program does that for them!) and also shows enemy players through walls. Clearly, this is a big problem!

What’s more, as Sea of Thieves is cross-play compatible, the PC hack can also affect Xbox One players. No longer is the console platform the safe haven it once was. Now Xbox players are just as susceptible to hacker interference.

Windows Central first spotted the Sea of Thieves hack and explained that while the game uses the Universal Windows Platform — which means that the executable file is supposedly more secure — it is still vulnerable to hacks.

sea of thieves hack

This particular Sea of Thieves hack boasts many features, which essentially makes the game pointless to play from a cheater’s perspective. Quests that require searching for particular animals can be quickly completed by using “Animal ESP.” Those rare occasions where a message in a bottle happens to cross your path can now be spoiled by using the “Message in a Bottle ESP.” And no, not even the sharks are safe, with “Shark ESP” ruining that, too. What a bizarre set of hacks that completely bypass any possible enjoyment. We really can’t see how making Sea of Thieves any easier still leads to satisfaction. Why even bother playing at all?

Of course, the cheats which affect PvP gameplay are the worst of the bunch. Being able to see an enemy’s location and health is just ridiculous. Sea of Thieves is a game where running into other players can mean losing hard-earned loot.

I’m hoping Rare works quickly to counter these cheats and punish the idiots that are using them.